Jeremias Baur

17 year old tech enthusiast

Since I was a child, I have been obsessed with computers and technology. Thereafter, I spend a lot of time coding and creating unique applications and learning about new technologies. My interests lay in a wide range of fields like entrepreneurship, mathematics, drones and needless to say computer science.

My motivation is to use technology to build new, immersive and unseen applications and works to improve our world and make it a better place for everyone. For instance, I used the technology photogrammetry in 'reliq' to create my own artistic style and warn about an important problem.

My recent projects 'reliq' and FutureAR have been awarded by the Swiss youth competition Bugnplay with the first prize. Additionally, a friend and I won the <19 Freestyle Computer Contest and 14th Neumann competition with our project VR Dungeon.


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I made this movie for a school project. Our guideline was to cover two worlds which we were able to choose. I decided to go for a digital Dystopia and another real world how we know it. I used a method called photogrammetry to create realistic-looking 3D models to merge the digital and the real world.

Drone Flying

Drone flying is a passion of mine. I always try to create stunning footage with my DJI Mavic Pro. Additionally, I also work with architects, real estate companies etc. to improve their products with drone videos. If you are interested in working together on a project, you can write me a message here.
This is my most recent aerial cinematography reel:


edVR is my Matura project.

German explanation video of edVR:


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Jeremias Baur

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VR Dungeon

VR Dungeon is a cross-reality two player local co-op game, using the HTC Vive and a smartphone.
The VR player has to escape the dungeon, but he needs the smartphone player's help to understand the ancient glyphs written on the walls.
Solve puzzles together to find treasure and escape the dungeon!
VR Dungeon is available on Steam!

Trailer of VR Dungeon:


I won the Bugnplay 2017 competition with an augmented reality app called FutureAR. FutureAR consists out of two proof of concepts of augmented reality for everyday life and a funny game. The first application helps students to better study, understand and imagine human organs. An informative graphics gets scanned and then the specific organs are viewable in augmented reality. The second application is used in restaurants. Customers scan the menu. Then they see a preview of the dishes as 3D models. Together with this information the guest can better choose their favorite dish. In the augmented reality game the player has to defend small ladybugs which get attacked by angry ants. The goal is to survive as long as possible and the player’s score can be submitted to the global leaderboards. In addition, I won the Dart 17 Next Generation Award of the Bugnplay competition.

German demonstration video of FutureAR: